You have come across the ZephyrSoft home page. Here you can download some tools I developed over the years and also actively take part in further development. I wrote these programs because there was no free solution, at least no satisfactory one. Some were created especially for Koinonia Fellowship in Hannover, Germany.

Certificates and the JVM

The recent events revealed that the internet is not a very safe place. If you don't encrypt your data, it is likely to be analyzed by third parties like intelligence services. So you start to encrypt everything because you care for the safety your customers data. You managed to get it done without extra budget because you use a self-signed certificate - but oh, what is this? A nasty ValidatorException saying "PKIX path building failed". What now?

Developing Android apps in Eclipse

For some time now, Android development in Eclipse made me stumble in one point: the libraries. When you develop an app, there will be some third-party library you can use - and it's easy to do so, just drop it into the "libs" directory. The Android Development Tools (ADT) take care of adding it to the classpath. But what about attaching sources to those libraries so you can debug easily? Nope. These properties are labeled as "non-modifiable" in the appropriate Eclipse dialogs.

Ever wanted to search the whole repository?

Did you ever remember that you coded something exactly the way you need it now but don't know the project name anymore? - Was it this one? (check out project, click through the files) No... wait, perhaps this one? (check out project, click through the files) No... *sigh*

At least for Subversion users the following script is a solution - you can narrow your search by regex concerning file path and content, but then search in the whole repository. Have fun with it!

JMX and firewalls

You just deployed your Java web application to production and everything is working - great! And as you always follow best practices, you included some meaningful metrics via JMX beans. You tested them locally and in test stage. But production servers have an extra firewall which prevents you from accessing any port except your web application's HTTP(S) port! What to do now?

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